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Re: Common versus Box Nails

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If I recall, a comparative study was done between box nails and Common's. 
This may have been done in the early 90's by the existing building committee 
of SEAOSC. My recollection is that Box nails represented 15%  less allowable 
capacity than Commons. Most framers in my area are not aware that code 
requires Common nails so I judiciously place notes all over my plans to make 
this perfectly clear.
I have had situations where Box nails were used. Rather than pulling all of 
the panels off - I recalculated the shear of the panels by reducing their 
rated capacity by 15% and checking to see if they still met the demand that 
was placed on them. Those that did not comply were removed and replaced. 

Dennis Wish PE

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lhoward(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Ray-
 I think the standard of care here in Southern California is for the
 plans to call out that shear walls are to be nailed with common nails or
 "gun" nails with an ICBO equivalent shear capacity.  Shear walls these
 days are almost always done with a gun.  
 Any "experienced" framer working in Southern California will know that
 ne must use common nails for shear walls.  This is ALWAYS the case.  I
 have never seen a shear wall that was designed using BOX nails.  
 In my estimation, the standard of care is for the type of nail for
 shears walls to be called out on the structural plans.  It is the
 standard of care for framers to ALWAYS use common nails or equivalent on
 shear walls.
 This probably doesn't help.
 Lynn >>