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ASD Best in Which Ed. of Salmon & Johnso

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I agree with Michael Valley on Gaylord, Gaylord & Strotmeyer.  The Gaylord 
and Gaylord texts are classic steel design texts in the same manner that 
Urquart and O'Rourke texts are classic concrete design texts.  G, G & S 
doesn't just say that they cover both ASD and LRFD, they *do* cover both by 
working examples, clearly indicated, using both procedures.

While Salmon & Johnson (3rd Edition) states that they cover both methods, 
they quickly stop talking about ASD and devote the rest of the book to LRFD.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Ed Fasula wrote:

. > I was trained in LRFD, and I'm interested in digging into ASD.  I have a
. > copy of the 3rd edition of Salmon & Johnson, but it focuses on LRFD.  If I
. > get the second edition, will it be strong in ASD, or should I get the 
. > first edition...or a different book(s) all together?  I'd like to have 
. > good background as well as practical information.