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     LRFD or ASD, you check for deflection for serviceability anyway.
     I myself is more of an ASD user and would remain one for as long as it 
     is allowed in the codes. But that does not stop me from learning what 
     LRFD is really all about. Right now, there's limited oppurtunity for 
     me to apply LRFD and it is usually client's requirement that I use it.
     The time to learn what LRFD can do is vast. I will consider the input 
     of the learned ones but I would be happy to learn first hand how it 
     could be "better" than ASD. Till then, I will plow away with ASD.

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Subject: ASD vs LRFD
Author:  James_F_Fulton(--nospam--at)RohmHaas.Com (James F Fulton) at fdinet
Date:    6/15/99 9:25 AM

My limited exposure to LRFD (mainly AISC seminars) indicates deflection 
checks now become much more important and necessary, which adds time to the 
design effort. Then, if the design is too limber, which is more likely under 
LRFD than ASD, a redesign becomes necessary. I don't see that LRFD saves 
Jim Fulton