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Re: Special message for Lurker's

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The major concern by most is the flooding of this list with unnecessary posts 
related to affirmation or rejection of opinions. I admit that this is a valid 
point but am at odds for what is sufficient to draw out the masses to 
participate in an opinion poll. We have posted opinion polls on the Website, 
but I don't believe that there were sufficient participation.

Maybe the answer is to do nothing but then I don't see much value to the 
goals of this list other than to discuss How To's. IMHO, I believe that if we 
do nothing we have no right to critisize what we feel is wrong with our 

Some have written to me to accuse me of bad mouthing the fine work of our 
professional organizations. Personally, I think that I care enough about our 
profession to recognize the imperfections and want to change them for the 
better. In almost every discussion we have had that I participated in on this 
list - I remember backing off on my position when the majority convinced me 
that I was wrong.
Why is it wrong for SEA or any other organization to accept and heed 
constructive critisim from the members of the profession who wish to improve 
the organizations?

Possibly, we should have a poll for all long threads that result in some 
controversy. Maybe it is best to place the poll on the website - but I would 
be adamantly in favor of riding the backs of the Lurkers to post their vote 
in the opinion poll. At least this would reduce the amount of unwanted 
posting to the list and accomplish the goals of seeking the opinions of the 


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dee(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Dennis:
 I carefully read all of the messages that come up on the list and find much
 information and interest on the list.  I have posted a couple of questions
 and responses to various discussion threads, but would not consider myself a
 "regular".  On the other hand, if all 15000 members regularly posted
 comments on each subject, I would have a very difficult time reading through
 them.  I find that most of the members post a message because they have
 something to add (generally) to the discussion.  Just posting something to
 get the numbers up would only water down the valuable nature of the
 discussion.  There are many good Engineers who participate in the field and
 may not voice an opinion except that they build their opinions in steel,
 concrete, wood and other materials every day. >>