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We are substituting one set of generally accepted allowables for another
set of generally accepted allowables.  If the new set is more accurate,
why wasn't that energy spent correcting the old?

We now need to run a strength analysis and deflection analysis.  Perhaps
the Owner will save a few cents at our cost for more work (as usual).

Concerning conrete design, ASD vs. USD:  I design many water retaining
structures, wherein crack control is the key, not strength.  ASD rules,
although cookbook factors to design with USD do exist.  I need to know
both methods but wish my mind was filled with other more interesting
topics than two redundant ways to design the same thing.

Another note:  All the LRFD in the world didn't help those welded moment
connections in Northridge.  Perhaps a little less office/computer
elegance and a few more practical construction + QA/QC requirements are
in order.

Lets get real.  Don't change phi factors without changing fee factors.