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Common versus box nails

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My thanks to Dennis, Charles, Lynn and Tom for your response.

As you may have surmised, this a legal case in which the framer used box 
nails in lieu of common nails for all of the plywood shear walls in a 
residential housing project designed and built circa 1988 - 1989. 

The general notes for wood framing included a typical shear wall schedule  
where the nailing for each plywood shear wall was called out as 8d or 10d at 
the appropriate spacing per Table 25K of the U. B. C. There was no other note 
specifying common nails. 

I am reluctant to totally blame the framer even though the U.B.C. section for 
the complete nailing spec was referred to.

My experience has been that there was enough confusion in the construction 
indusrtry regarding nail types in that time period that I would then and now 
feel negligent if I did not specify "common nails only" in my plans or specs.

I also believe that referring to the U.B.C. to determine nail types is a 
cop-out and the construction documents should be clear and complete regarding 
materials and fasteners.  If this is done properly, the contractor has a 
chance of getting it right.  If it is not, the results can be costly.

This is a great forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions and your 
responses were helpful and greatly appreciated.  

I am guilty of being one of the "lurkers" but I promise as soon as I feel I 
can contribute or help someone with a problem, I will.

Best regards,
Ray Shreenan