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1.  For both steel and concrete, STAAD is the way to go.  However, Ramsteel
is a much better program than STAAD (but it only does steel)
2.  PCA puts out a number of programs that are easy to use and reliable.
3.  Rambaseplate is absolutely the BEST baseplate program available (that I
know of).  It does biaxial analysis, any bolt pattern, and can include
gussett plates if you wish.
4.  Enercalc:  Easy to use but must be mindfull of the results.
5.  Enercalc:  Same as above.
6.  At this point, I would recommend Woodworks.  Enercalc also does timber
design but I have not had time to verify the new 5.1.2 version that just
came out.  It is SUPPOSED to include the new 1997 NDS but if you choose to
use Enercalc, check your results.

Hope this helps!

Todd Blake

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Our structural department is trying to quickly evaluate structural
analysis and design software to recommend for purchase.  It is
difficult to fully assess software thru demo versions and would like
actual users input.
Specifically, we are looking for:
1.3D Frame Analysis and Design (such as STAAD3) for both steel and
2. General Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Design.
3. Base Plate analysis/design including biaxial bending.
4. Spread Footing analysis/design including biaxial bending.
5. Masonry Wall w/shear wall analysis.
6. General Timber Analysis and Design.
Does anyone know of magazine articles/web sites that address user
evaluations of like software?

Nat Mohanram

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