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Re: Fw: Seismic - Isolating CMU infill wall

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The CMU wall will be full height, but it will have numerous, and possibly
continuous windows.  It is being built in the Dominican Republic and they
will decide how many windows to put in as they build it.  Above and below the
windows the wall will be solid, which has the potential for reducing the
unbraced height of the column and increasing the shear due to the stub walls.

How would reinforcing the walls help?


seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Rich - More information is needed.  Are you talking about partial height CMU
walls, or full height?  Are the infill walls "enclosing" a level, or are
they for example at a garage level?

.....This becomes a bit trickier if you have partial height walls, since
don't often like steel angles bulging out of their columns.  If the partial
height wall is low enough, you can cantilever it an eliminate the angles.


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