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Mark Gilligan:

AITC's web site has been inactive for several weeks because the ISP went out
of business. Mike Caldwell, AITC acting Exec. Vice President is currently
working on getting the site up and running. If you have any questions that
need immediate attention, please contact me. I am a consultant for AITC (and
previous employee, Director of Technical Services).

I will keep the list informed as to when AITC has their web site up and
running again.

Bruce Pooley, P. E.
Timber Design
3448 South Newland Court
Lakewood, CO 80227

email: bdpooley(--nospam--at)
phone: 303-989-8701
fax: 303-989-9693

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Subject: AITC

I am having difficulty in finding AITC's web site.  I have tried but get no response.  I would appreciate any assistance in
finding their web site.


mark Gilligan