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RE: Y2K compliance

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I'm not able to provide some exact text, but as a person who is involved
with my company's Y2k effort, I can offer some insight. 

First, I work for a chemical manufacturer, and don't ask my how (I think I
killed someone in a previous life and now they're getting even with me), I
am working on the company's y2k compliancy effort.  My responsibilities
basically entail taking a segment of a very large database (over 10,000
items) and determining if these "components" are y2k compliant.  My domain
includes engineering software, the hardware running our HVAC, etc.

So having seen many different companies' Y2k information, what most people
are interested in is a statement that you will still be able to provide them
the services you provided prior to Jan. 1, 2000.  In other words, your
company won't be shutdown by the millennium (I know, I know, it isn't until
2001).  So, you should explain that you have checked out all of your
software/hardware and it will work.  Don't forget to include Operating
Systems, billing/accounting and engineering software.  And if you own the
building in which you work, that it will still function (phones, HVAC, power
supplies, etc.).  

Most of the information about your various "components" is readily available
on the web.  If you write your own software, you might be facing some

AS for wording, you might want to search some of the larger Structural firms
on the Internet and see if any have such a statement.

Dave Angelotti, PE
Business Process Steward
Facilities Design and Asset Management
*	Mail No. 544		*	(517) 496-6386 (Ph)
	Dow Corning Corporation	*	(517) 496-5419 (Fax)
	Midland, MI  48686-0995
*	dave.angelotti(--nospam--at)

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From: Dave Meney [mailto:yenem(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Y2K compliance

Y2K - It's almost a swear word!

I've been asked by one of my clients to provide a statement regarding my 
company's Y2K compliance.  I am a sole practitioner providing structural 
engineering services, as many of you are.  Has anyone already sat down and 
drafted a statement that is relevant in our services profession?  There are 
plenty of examples from companies that provide software and products.

Any suggestions on wording would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I haven't got involved in the debate regarding lurkers, but I 
must confess that on most subjects I am one.  As it is, I get an enormous 
amount of e-mail from this list server, and would hope that it didn't 
increase by a factor of 99 with posts from people saying "here-here" or 
whatever.  I believe it is an excellent medium as it is currently 


Dave Meney
Structural Engineer
Yenem Engineering Services
Gooseberry Hill
Western Australia

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Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Will keep in mind while comparing
with other software.

Nat Mohanram

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> Nat:
> My choices would be..........
> 1. Visual Analysis and Design
> 2. ADOSS
> 3. RISABase
> 4. RISAFoot
> Jim Kestner, P.E.
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