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Re: ASD vs. LRFD

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Here is another point of view>

Building structures, with few exceptions, do not fail by overload.  They
fail by gross
mistakes in design, connections, vibrations, deflections, therefore we
ought to be
concerned with preventing gross mistakes, and checking all these other
There is a rule that the cost of designing a structure is not the type
of structure but the cost of the structure.  If I am designing a 300 ft.
structure, then I have the time and budget so naturally I use LRFD.  For
most building structures,  (20 to 60 ft.) I doubt the using LRFD will
make a better structure. You had best spend your budget on checking
deflections, working over connections, and giving it a real study to
uncover problems. You can point out many instances of failures that
could have been prevented.

Milo Ketchum