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Title: Re: ASD vs. LRFD
The last figures I heard, at an AISC seminar, was 15% of the engineers were using LRFD.
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Subject: Re: ASD vs. LRFD

OK, here is my meager challenge...I find 70% a little hard to believe.  I have worked at four companies in the last 6 years and only two people used LRFD consistantly.  I might believe that 70% are aware of and have been trained in LRFD, but may not consistantly used it.  I certainly would find that catergory, since I was taught it in school, but then learned ASD on the job.


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Subject: RE: ASD vs. LRFD

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Dear Mr. ASD User:
It is no one's job to "Tell you why or show you why" to practice your design
with LRFD.  Being a PE it is your choice to be with LRFD or ASD.....  At
present about 70% or more engineers nationwide are using LRFD?

Isn't anyone going to challenge a statement claiming that 70% of engineers
use LRFD.  That is way out of line based on those I know and from the
comments on this list.  Would "seaint" please poll the list?

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