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Re: Footing Steps

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I specify a 2' overlap for all steps with a double curtain of reinforcement
throughout the limits of the step to service moment demand generated by
settlement and eccentric loading of the gradebeam.  If the project requires
a prohibitive number of footing steps, I consider CIDH piers to service
lateral and gravity loads, tying the heads together with a nominal grade

Jim Kestner wrote:

> I am curious as to what others' philosphy is regarding stepping of
> foundations down to a lower level. I typically try to step them,
> however, there may be instances where the steps would be too many or too
> steep to properly be accomodated. I have seen others' drawings where
> they simply run the upper level footing into the side of the foundation
> wall of the lower footing. This seems OK if the soil is compacted well
> beneath the upper footing or the wall is reinforced to span across this
> weak zone of backfill. I always require that the concrete walls be
> doweled together.
> What do others do in this circumstance?
> Jim Kestner, P.E.
> Green Bay, Wi.