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Re: rho - light frame timber construction

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In a message dated 6/17/99 6:53:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time, pfr(--nospam--at) 

<< For rho = 2-20/(r_max*sqrtA) and 1.0 < p < 1.5, I am using r_max =
 where v_allow is the unit shear capacity of  the plywood shearwall that
 would have been
 specified for the unfactored (no-rho) unit shear demand. >>

(B.Y)I am not sure how you are coming up with this interpretation. But r_max 
is the ratio of the lateral load in the wall carrying the largest portion of 
the shear at the level under consideration, to the total base shear at that 
level, multiplied by (10/length of that wall). Please refer to the 4th 
paragraph of section 1630.1.1.

For example assume the wall resisting the most lateral load in a story is 
carrying 3000 lb, and is 7 feet long. The total shear at that story is 10,000 
lb. then:

r_max = (3000/10000)(10/7) = 0.43

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA