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>The argument of Mr. Turk is founded on the notion that ASD code design
>concepts are "right," and that LRFD code design concepts are aspiring to
>upset the established order of things.
The arguments of Mr Turk _and_ the undersigned, among others. 

I think it's fair to remind everyone that Fountain's original question 
was 'show me it's better,' not 'explain why LRFD isn't wrong.' The thread 
is moving noticeably toward and 'LRFD good, ASD bad,' format when we 
should be discussing the original point--is LRFD demonstrably better 
athan ASD? 'I like (ASD)(LRFD) better, so up yours,' isn't an answer. 
(LRFD)(ASD) (provides better service performance)(results in 
economies)(provides client savings) and is also a more cost-effective 
engineering tool _is_ an answer.

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