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I am not sure what your purpose is in inquiring about TurboCad Professional. 
It is a fair program. However, if you are thinking about a new Cad program 
try Fast Cad. It was developed by a fellow who was instrumental in developing 
AutoCad. He fell out with AutoCad when they continued on a path that he 
considered to be a giant error.

Couldn't have been too bad of an error because AutoCad is dominate in the 
industry. BUT very expensive. AND very cumbersome. AutoCad 14 has tooooo many 
bells and whistles, in my opinion.

One of the developers of Euro Disney who works at Imagineering told me that 
to train an individual to be proficient in AutoCad required about ten months 
of training. BUT to train an individual to be proficient in Fast Cad requires 
about ten hours.

My personal testimony is that Fast Cad is what I use in my office. And it is 
no problem to train an unskilled cad operator to use Fast Cad. My greatest 
concern is to teach an experienced engineer, draftsman and/or architect. It 
is useless to teach a person to use Fast Cad (or any other cad system) if 
they do not understand construction.

Match TurboCad up against Fast Cad and I will whip the TurboCad user by a 
wide margin. Incidentally, Fast Cad is fully compatible with AutoCad 14 (the 
standard of the industry).

Hope this gives you some information that proves to be useful.

John Ott