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Re: Seismic - Isolating CMU infill wall

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     Provide a gap between the column and the wall; wall and upper floor 
     slab. At the top, provide two angles or channels attached to the upper 
     floor slab that will sandwich the wall. The angles or channels will 
     prevent the wall from collapsing sideways. That would leave three free 
     sides of the wall. The gap between column and wall could be filled by 
     lean concrete that would just yield in event of lateral loads.

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Subject: Seismic - Isolating CMU infill wall
Author:  rlewis(--nospam--at) (Richard Lewis) at fdinet
Date:    6/15/99 4:05 AM

I am designing a 2 story concrete framed building in a seismic zone 3.  There 
will be some CMU infill walls at the building perimeter.  I know if the CMU 
is built tight to the concrete column it increases the shear in the column. 
What are some good details for isolating the CMU infill wall from the 
concrete frame?
Richard Lewis, P.E.
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