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Re: Lurker

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In a message dated 6/17/99 12:50:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
v.yu(--nospam--at) writes:

<< I couldn't agree with you more on the amount of increased mail if
 everyone replies to each post.  Many "lurkers" like myself may simply
 consider not subscribing.  I agree that the amount of information and
 discussion is just excellent currently.
 Vince Yu >>

Let's assume that my comments were taken metaphorically - my point is still 
the same. As a "lurker" you still chose to publically state your opinon in 
this post. This is my point - whether you agree with me or not, you chose to 
be heard. Unless we are heard, we will have no power to instill change.
To be practical, we need not consider responding to this list. Possibly the 
response is directed to a source (committee chair, board of director, 
educator etc). The point is that you still need to acknowledge an opinion the 
same as voting in an election. The difference is that SEA is not soliciting 
your opinions, yet to refrain from stating one you become invisible.
Public opinion is the substance that generates change - yet it is rarely 
activly solicited from the public. It is weighed passivley by evaluting the 
things you buy or the television stations you watch or radio you listen to. 
Lurking can not be evaluated for opinion only for presence and this has no 
power to change the course of tides.

Thank you for your comments - you've created a ripple in a still pond.