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Challenges of the future

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Because of my commitment as SEAOSC president, I have been unable to find
time to address the list server although I have read most of the message
on the list. Perhaps it is timely to thanks all of you who have
contributed to the success of this list server. It has far exceeded our
expectation that this list server has become played a great role in our
communication on technical as well as non technical matters.

I have been very encouraged to know that we all share a common goal to
better our structural engineering profession. In time, I would like to
see that architects, engineers and contractors all share this forum to
communicate. Through working together between the design professionals
and the constructors, we can successfully design and build economical
and efficient structures.

Many projects in the public and private sectors will be design built in
the near future.
Speaking on behalf of the constructors, whose main objective is to
complete a construction project on time and within their contract amount
based on the contract documents, I call on the design professionals to
play an active role during construction not only to assure the
contractors' work meeting plans and specification, but also be receptive
to suggestions and requests from the construction team.

James S. Lai, S.E., F. ACI
SEAOSC President 1998-1999