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RE: Mexico Earthquake 6.7 Mag 6-15-99

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A picture in today's paper (in my city) was the collapse of a 4-story
concrete frame building with perimeter infill walls everywhere except the
ground level, where the walls are either recessed or not there at all, and
the outer frame of columns is open (typical construction detail in South
America- ground floor area used for parking, only the lift or stair shaft
exists at ground level), creating a soft story, like a building on stilts.
Besides the total failure of the ground floor column due to the large shear
coming from the building above, I noticed also column failure at the joints
in the upper stories- I guess there was a very stiff beam and slab
diaphragm, and insufficient reinforcement at the joints.
  Interestingly, an identical building standing only a couple of meters next
to this one suffered no damage (at least that's what it seems in the photo).
  There were also pictures of brick homes with timber roofs that turned
simply into heaps of rubble.  It looked like someone had put the houses in a
  I´ll see if I can get the pictures scanned and post them on this list.


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>Did anyone here anything about type of damages in the recent Mexico
>I heard in the news last night that buildings were swaying.
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