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Re[2]: ASD v. LRFD

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     Bill Cain aptly said that it is not how precise we are but how 
     accurate we could predict and provide for the behavior of wind or 
     earthquake on our structures.
     Whichever of the two, wind or earthquake, it won't give a damn of 
     KL/r, ASD or LRFD, or P/A + MC/I when they hit us.

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Subject: Re: ASD v. LRFD
Author:  "Laurence B. Oeth III" <viacalx(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
Date:    6/17/99 6:58 PM

Brian K. Smith wrote:
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> > Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 1999 10:19 PM
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> > Subject: ASD v. LRFD
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> > Another note:  All the LRFD in the world didn't help those welded moment 
> > connections in Northridge.  Perhaps a little less office/computer
> > elegance and a few more practical construction + QA/QC requirements are 
> > in order.
> I think those failures were do to welding problems.  Do welds know if they 
> were designed LRFD or ASD???
> Brian K. Smith, P.E.
Thank you for making my point again.  The welds didn't know, and neither 
did (nearly) the entire profession.  Meanwhile we expend energy on LRFD 
vs. ASD.  
Given the $$ value of welded moment connection structures just on the 
West Coast which have now been shown to be failure-prone, did we expend 
our limited professional development resources well?
With the intelligence and devotion to duty I see on these pages, I think 
the only thing holding our profession back is this continued focus on 
non-major issues while ceding the decision-making to others less skilled 
(insurance, bankers, lawyers, you name it).
Laurence B. Oeth, P.E.