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I graduated from college in 1976.  I never learned working stress
concrete design methods.  I learned to use them after school, and they
have saved me time from time to time especially before computers came
around and made my computations easier.

I wouldn't dream of using working stress for a complicated concrete
structure, it would be too expensive.

Today most complicated steel structures are designed by computer not by
by hand.  Most sizes of steel beams or columns aren't nessacerally
picked because of stress, mostly either deflection, or in a floor plan,

When considering earthquake loads it probably makes more sence to use
LRFD.  I believe the LRFD push comes from the FEMA codes where large
buildings and other structures designers have more influence on the
authors of the codes.

I wills use ASD where itis convient and makes sense and LRFD if I get a
high rise again (fat chance).

Ken Tarlow

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