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Re: risk analysis

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Dear Ricardo,

There are many valuable resources in Risk Analysis, but perhaps few in
social aspect (to my best knowledge, of course). There was an impressive
keynote-lecture given by Prof. M. Shinozuka (USCL) at the 2nd world
conference of structural control in Kyoto in June 1998. It briefly refers
to socio-economical impact of structural control against seismic hazard.
This has been published in the conference proceeding, pp. 61-70. Journal of
Earthquake Spectra, vol. 13 (1997), No. 4 is also concentrated on Risk
Analysis and Loss Cost, mainly from structural engineering perspective
view, but at least one in social impact.

You may also have a look at the following sources just as a starting point,
if you wish go deep more in structural design.

1) Seismic risk assessment and design of building structures / edited by A.
Koridze.  Omega Scientific, 1988, 184ps., ISBN: 1870199049.

2) Der Kiureghian, A. "Seismic risk analysis of structural systems",
Journal of the Engineering Mechanics Division, ASCE, 107, EM6, Dec. 1981,
pages 1133-1153.

3) Hopkins, D. C.; Robertson, T. W. "Earthquake risk buildings--lessons
from experience", Bulletin of the New Zealand National Society for
Earthquake Engineering, 14, 2, June 1981, pages 54-62.

4) Hirosawa, M.; Sugano, S.; Kaminosono, T. "Seismic evaluation method and
restoration techniques for existing and damaged buildings developed in
Japan", BRI Research Paper 142, Building Research Inst., Japan Ministry of
Construction, [Tsukuba-shi, Japan], Oct. 1994, 74 pages.

5) Bertero, V. V., "Pathology in earthquake-resistant facilities and the
necessary therapy", 1 vol, Presented at II Congreso Iberoamericano on
Pathology of Construction in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Oct.[6-8], 1993.

6) Koridze, A., "Seismic risk assessment and design of building
structures",INEEC series on engineering aspects of earthquake phenomena,
Omega Scientific, Wallingford, Eng., 1988, 184 pages.

7) McGuire, R. K. ed.,"The practice of earthquake hazard assessment",
International Assn. of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior,
[Denver], 1993, 284 pages.

8) ATC & FEMA, "A handbook for seismic evaluation of existing buildings
(preliminary)", ATC-22, FEMA-178, Earthquake Hazards Reduction Series 47,
Applied Technology Council and Federal Emergency Management Agency, Redwood
City, California and Washington, D.C., June 1989, 169 pages.

9) Kisliakov, S. D., "Towards a general theory of seismic risk assessment",
 Procs. of the 8th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lab.
Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Lisbon, 1986, 2.4/1-6, Vol. 1.

I hope this helps, though I am late a bit!

Ali Bakhshi, Dr. of Eng.
Earthquake Engineering  Lab
Dept of Structural Eng.
Hiroshima University
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