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Stupid Things I've Seen

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I think it might be interesting ( and educational) to share some horror
stories of things we have seen. These can be things we have encountered
in the field or in the office. They may have been done by Contractors,
Architects, Engineers or even ourselves.
Please keep them short and avoid using names.

I'll start out by relating a couple of stories.............

I was called to look at some ceiling cracks in a newer home. After
crawling up above the ceiling, I discovered that the contractor had
ordered the roof trusses too short! To make them span from wall to wall,
he simply scabbed on a 2 x 4 to extend them.

I was called to another house to look at a foundation crack. It was at
or near a corner and I was surprised at its width. As I recall, I could
just about put my fingers in the crack (it was that wide). I recommended
that we dig down to the footing. We discovered that the contractor had
run out of concrete when pouring the footings and left out a section at
the corner. He had laid some boards down to fasten his formwork to, so
that he could pour the wall.

Anyone have any other stories that you would like to tell?

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.