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Inq. - San Jose Seminar - Rigid vs Flexible Diaphragm

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I received a call from a friend the other day who informed me that there was 
a seminar held in San Jose and sponsered by the Department of Building and 
Safety. I was told that San Jose has decided not to adopt the requirment for 
consideration of rigid diaphragm design in wood framed construction. My 
friend was not specific about the seminar since he did not attend but was 
given the information by another engineer.
It was further understood that the building official presented a sizable 
document containing their justification for this decision.

Can someone provide me with more specific information that:

1. Provides a synopsis of what the seminar contained,
2. What documents were made available and how I might obtain a copy
3. Confirm or deny that San Jose is not complying with the diaphragm 
deflection criteria for wood framed structures - OR - what size structures 
(if any) are exempted.
4. If the information is correct - how San Jose overcame the liability 
associated with modification of the code to a lesser standard than published.

I think many of us would be most interested in the content of this seminar 
and I hope that some of you who may have attended (or better still, an 
employee of the San Jose building department) would respond and provide more 
accurate information.

Dennis S. Wish PE