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Re: Stupid Things I've Seen

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1. The engineers placed a big tube brace right in the way of the escalator.

2. The contractor was digging a trench and cut some fiber optic lines. When 
GTE showed up they asked to see his Dig Alert number. He yelled at his 
secretary to call Dig Alert and get him a number, which he then gave to the 
phone company.

3. A 3 man team was sent into the hills to place footings and erect a 
microwave tower. The owner's son forgot the plans but decided they didn't 
need them for such a small job. After the tower was erected, the owner, 
Hughes, I think, came out to inspect the installation. They discovered that 
one footing was on government land and the whole tower had to be redone.

4. The same company was awarded the contract to build a stainless steel tower 
for one of the Micronesian Islands. It was to be fabricated in the shop and 
flown out in pieces. The owner's son decided to save money and use mild steel 
electrodes. Six months after the tower was erected a monsoon blew the tower 
over. Government inspectors discovered the non-conforming welds and the 
company had to rebuild it at their expense, which included an on-site