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Sloping Footings

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We are working on an access road/driveway and will require a 5 foot high
retaining wall. The road slopes in a vertical curve as much as 20%.
Is there a precedent for the design of a spread footing for a retaining wall
that is sloping up to 20% in the direction parallel to the wall?  Section
1806.4 of the 1997 UBC states that foundations for all buildings where the
surface of the ground slopes more than 10% shall be level or stepped. Does
this necessarily apply to retaining walls ?  Do DOT's or one of the
county road departments have a standard that addresses this question ?
What are the issues other than sliding parallel to the footing and
construction difficulties that may effect the foundation?  
Thanks for your input.
Dan Novak ASL Consulting Engineers  "Former lurker"