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Re: ASD vs. LRFD -- Thanx

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Jake, I appreciate your humor.  

Sharing a quote from one of my mentors, "No one ever complains when a
structure you designed performs satisfactorily.  But let one of your
structures fail, and everyone who has one starts to worry."

This debate seems to have wandered both from the original question (which
you have partially addressed), and from the more important issue -- We want
our structures to perform satisfactorily.  I think we all will agree on
that "essential".


> From: Jake Watson <jwatson(--nospam--at)>
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Re: ASD vs. LRFD
> Date: Thursday, June 17, 1999 8:46 AM
> On a lighter note:
> Top ten reasons to chose LRFD over ASD:
> 10) Those silver books are easier to find on my shelf.
> 9)  Load and Resistance Factor Design - Just sounds more impressive.
> 8)  "Plastic" design - aren't kids toys made from plastic?
> 7)  You won't be called an old f**t. At least not yet....
> 6)  Green - Just not my color.
> 5)  No one knows how to use it - no one can tell me I'm wrong.
> 4)  Its the wave of the future! (So was DIVX).
> 3)  I've got all the time in the world - My client is willing to pay for
as long as it takes to design the perfect structure.
> 2)  Continuing education - that's for the "unenlightened" academics who
never practice.
> 1)  The (up to) 15% cost savings of lighter steel will be passed directly
on to me.
> Jake Watson, E.I.T.
> Salt Lake City, Utah