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Re: unofficial exams

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I think this is a GREAT idea.  I would support this
Questions similar to those found on the SE exam, and
to the 1997 UBC, FEMA 273, etc. :)


> Greg Smith wrote:
>      I've always liked to take exams.  You not
> only learn from studying for them but they keep
> you sharp.  There's always something to learn and
> you don't know what you don't know.
>      I propose an unofficial exam source by the
> list server using questions posed to the list and
> grouped in terms of beginning, intermediate and
> advanced levels.  It would be given via e-mail and
> returned as an attachment to be evaluated by the
> server and the results would be transmitted to the
> examinee by private e-mail or posted with the
> examinee's permission.
>      The questions could be supplemented with
> typical questions not found on the list such as
> for analysis but not those used specifically by
> professional engineering examinations.
> Greg