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Re: Stupid Things I've Seen

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Attention  SE's

I served as a resident SE on a major high rise.

I observed  All aspects of the structural erection.

I could go one with a litany of horror stories!!!!!!!!

Just one in particular

What are the structural requirements for the erection of steel structures????
SE's generally are NOT involved in means, methods of erection.

In particular I observed the steel erector 'pinning' the end of a 20 foot 
long W27X178 with ONLY 3 bolts as a cantilvered beam!!!  The contracts plans 
of course showed a full moment connection. -  But how does erector get the 
beam up into position before completing the connection?    He did not shored 
the cantillever !!!!!!!!

he simply used the shear tabs to hold the beam on to the column,  What was 
even worse he didn't even install the bolts at the top and bottom of the 
shear tap to  provide the largest moment couple.!!!   Bolt were installed 
near the top of the shear tab

I observed significant rotation of the connection.  (The beam was sagging) .  
In fact it appeared the connection rotated to much the bottom flange of the 
beam was bearing against the column probably creating the moment couple 
needed to support the beam!!! 

I finally had to raise my extreme concerns about this erection procedure!

What if any are the requirements for the temporary erection of cantilever  
beams  (prior to completing the  final connections)?

TWO, three bolts in the shear tabs  may not be enough!!! 

Bob  Johnson