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Re: Offshore Strucures

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I've just been using the European "Recommendation of the Committee for
Waterfront Structures", Ernst&Sohn publishers.  Mine is the 1985 English
edition.  I think there is a later edition.  I should probably update what I
have come to think of it.  It touches on some of what you asked for.

Other than that you might browse the API's RP's (  The USACE
and Navfac too, are good sources of a great deal of info.  Then there is
"Floating Ports" by Tsinker and Per Bruum's"Port Engineering".  I've found
no one book, as usual, really does or can say everything.  Keep at it.


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Subject: Offshore Strucures

> Can anybody recommend some good books for the practical design of
> offshore
> structures like breasting and mooring dolphins,loading platforms,
> jetties,etc.
> M. A. Mufti