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Stupid Things I've Seen

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I did the design work for a small 3 story exhaust stack structure for a
hospital.  The stack was X braced in one direction, and the steel work was
fabricated in off island.  Checked the fabrication drawings and all was in

The stack had 3 different floor heights, so the cross bracing angle (back to
back) lengths were different.  When I get out to the site one day to do an
"observation", I find that the contractor has cut the ends off of the first
floor bracing to make it fit since they angles were too long.  Then I get up
to the next floor, and find that the contractor had to use welded
connections because the angles for that level were too short and the bolt
holes did not line up.

Too bad the contractor didn't look at the member numbers marked on the
angles (and correspondingly marked on the fab drawings)!

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