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Re: ASD vs. LRFD

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I don't have the answers to everyone's questions and 
comments about ASD versus LRFD.  However, I want to give 
you advance notice of an upcoming program that might help 
answer some of the questions.

The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations 
(NCSEA) will be presenting a program on LRFD in March 
2000 in Miami, Florida.  This will be the inaugural 
program for (what is hoped to be) the annual Structural 
Engineering Winter Institute.  The Winter Institute will 
be a 5-day educational program, focusing each year on a 
single theme.  I am the Program Chair for the Winter 

The LRFD program will consist of about 1-1/2 days on LRFD 
steel design (presented by AISC), about 1-1/2 days on 
LRFD wood design (presented by American Wood & Paper 
Association, publisher of the NDS and LRFD Manual), and 
about 1 day of simplified LRFD design of concrete 
(presented by PCA.)

The objectives of the program are:
1.  Describe the basics of load and resistance factor 
design (LRFD) 
2.  Explain the differences between allowable (working) 
stress design and LRFD
3.  Provide basic working knowledge of LRFD design 
specifications for structural steel, wood
4.  Provide simplified solutions for LRFD design of 

The program is targeted at:
Principal structural engineers - to learn about LRFD and 
how it could help their business
Structural project engineers/managers - to see how LRFD 
can be applied to daily activities
Junior structural engineers - to see engineers apply 
design requirements to practical problems.

There will also be optional activities for spouses.

More information should be available in the next few 
weeks.  Watch the listserver, and Structure magazine.

(Ask your wife/husband if they want to go to Miami for a 
week in the winter.  Answer: sign-up early - this program 
will fill fast.)

Hope to see you all next March.