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Re: Common versus box nails

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Dear Bob:

I am working for the defendant. I have no intentions of jeopardizing the 
engineers license. Unfortunately, the repairs may be very costly. I was after 
the opinions of others who may have knowledge of the accepted practise of 
engineers and contractors regarding this problem in that construction 
period(1989-1990). I realize now that my wording was a bit harsh but when you 
are dealing with attorneys in a law suit of this nature a construction defect 
is either black or white. They do not want to hear "grey". I have not been 
deposed yet, but I wanted to be prepared and I want to be fair.

Your information was very helpful and I will use it to evaluate the original 
calcs to see what will work structurally and satisfy the code requirements 
short of renailing every plywood shear wall in the tract.

Based on my past experience with wood framers in that time frame, I would not 
expect to get common nails on the job unless they were specified on the 

Thanks for your help. 
Best regards,
Ray Shreenan