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RE: WF Sections Not in Manual

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W27x181 was dropped because it was dropped in the source list (ASTM A6) to 
which structural shapes areproduced. Said more simply, producers cut it out 
of their list of shapes, so we did too.

That said, it appears that producers are fickle (no insult intended). I 
just noticed in the January issue of AISC's Modern Steel Construction shape 
availability list that it is again available. The dimensions and properties 
are consistent with that in you older Manual.


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Subject:	WF Sections Not in Manual

    Does anyone know why the W27x281 - and some other shapes - do not 
appear in
the 2nd Edition of the LRFD?  They do appear in the 1st Edition of the LRFD 
in the ASD books.  Have some of the less popular shapes been phased out
recently?  I'm looking at some shop drawings with that section, and no one 
complained about it... at least not yet...

Paul Crocker

P.S. No, I don't mean to continue the LRFD versus ASD discussion with a 
shapes" thread - just wondering where my W27x281 went.