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I've tried to post a message addressing the subject of LRFD and ASD a few 
times now, but it keeps coming back to me with a message that it is too 
long for distribution on the SEAINT List Server. I guess I'm wordy as 

The text that I've been trying to post is from an article I wrote with the 
ASCE Committee on LRFD in the February 1997 issue of AISC's Modern Steel 
Construction (page 22-27) a little more than two years ago. It addresses a 
lot of the points and topics that have been flying back and forth on the 
LRFD/ASD issue. More importantly, I believe it answers the spirit of the 
original question, which I'll paraphrase as "Why do we need LRFD?".

Unfortunately, Modern Steel Construction isn't yet available electronically 
back to that issue. I thought about posting the text to the entire list in 
segments, but decided that would just be annoyingly repetitive to those 
that were not interested. So.....

If you are interested in reading it and have the February 1997 issue in   
your library, it starts on page 22. If your library no longer includes that 
issue, please e-mail me privately (carter(--nospam--at) and I'll reply to 
you with a cut-and-paste of the text.

As you could probably guess, the article embodies my personal opinion, 
which is that the acceptance of LRFD into the mainstream is vital to the 
long-term competitiveness of steel design and construction.