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AutoCAD: Changing Font Size (Re)

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A. Roger Turk, P.E. said,

>Details are not "drawn" on the sheet, but in separate files,
>and "XREFed" onto the sheet.  (I will usually
>do this *before* I have entered any lettering or dimensions.)
>Changing the scale *after* you have done lettering/dimensioning
>affects the lettering/dimensioning size on the drawing sheet,
>a real drawback for AutoCad.

I agree this is a pain with AutoCAD.  I usually decide the scale of a detail
before it is XREF'd in, set the font size accordingly, and add all notes &
dimensions before XREFing.  The first thing I did when I started doing
drawings was to set up a dimension style and font for each scale.  I put all
of these in the startup template, so they are all there as I need them with
any drawing.

To change scale after the fact, using dimension and text STYLES is helpful.
I think it could work to set up a dimension style named after each detail
before dimensioning each one.  In the final sheet, one could then edit the
dimension style's scale and text style for each detail according to its
final scale on the sheet.  Hitting SAVE (the dimension style) will change
*all* dimensions with that name.  Alternatively, the UPDATE command could be
used to update only selected dimensions with that name.

The snag here is that there is no command, that I know of, to do the same
thing with notes.  You can change the text style, but it only effects notes
made after the change.  The only way that I know of to change existing notes
is to use the DM command, which requires you to do it one note at a time.
It seems to be such a glaring drawback, I can't still believe there is no
better way, but that's a much as I have figured out...