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Different materials for web and flange

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    Gradually, the main structural software in the market can deal built-up plate elements for the tapered frame. It's a good
news for us who specially interested in low rise steel building. For the tapered frame, there are a important design practice

haven't been noticed by the main structural software developer. We noticed that the practice to identify different
material for the web and flange has been ignored by the developer. We always choice A36 (Chinese local designation Q235
MPa) for the flange and A572 (Chinese local designation Q345 MPa) to avoid the local damage of the flange plate. A typical
thickness of the flange for a multi-span rigid frame is just 12mm (1/2 in) if the high strength steel is adopted, which means
it?l be damaged easily during delivery and erection.
    The local software dealers show us that some "industry standard" package as the STAAD/Pro can only deal elements
with variable section and consistent material. We can chose only A36 or A572 alternatively. Or, we can do some area
substitute for the difference of strength manually. (So how about the modeling of E and I value?)
    We noticed that Mr. Bruce Bates has announced the Risa2D and 3D can now deal tapered element, but we can't confirm
if it can deal different materials for the section per the resources we can get here now.

    Any friend with advice on this topic are appreciated greatly!

    Structural Engineer

    P.S. These "Young Guys" will be glad to be assistant for the members of this list involved in the projects in far east area
(the local codes or something else).

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