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Enough ASD vs. LRFD

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Title: Enough ASD vs. LRFD

I have just returned to the office after a three day absence.  The extra day off was spent welcoming the Dallas Stars back to Dallas and celebrating their capture of Lord Stanley's Cup.  Celebrating the glory of ice hockey in the late June heat of Texas is certainly a wonderful thing!  Now, back to business..... 

Upon my return, I found 120 posts in my listserv email folder.  More than 30 were titled "RE: ASD vs. LRFD".  Of these, about one-half were actually on unrelated topics such as anchor pullout in concrete.  The remainder basically were arguments that one steel code is better than the other, or to quote a famous song, "shouting hooray for our side".  Am I the only one who is getting tired of reading this never-ending thread? (This is a figure of speech, please don't vote!)

I propose two simple guidelines:

1.  Make your point, if it hasn't already been made by someone else.  Then let others make theirs, while resisting the urge to rebut.  Too many "alpha males" on this list consistently try to always "get in the last word."

2.  If you are about to reply to a post with a somewhat altered subject, then alter the title (Subject) accordingly.  Attempts to filter posts by subject quickly break down if the subjects and contents are inconsistent.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E., F.ASCE
Dallas, Texas