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Re: Seismic - Isolating CMU infill wall

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You didn't answer my last question.  

With regards to my third question, you cited an extreme condition where the 
torsional shear will govern.  That is, when there is infilled wall at one 
side of the building and only columns along the farthest side.  But I'm 
talking about when the walls are almost distributed that there is little 
torsional shear.  On your extreme case,  then there is a need to design the 
columns along the side where there is no infilled walls. This will be a 
two-fold approach.  Design the frame without consideration of the strength of 
the infilled walls,  then check the columns farthest from the infilled walls 
for the infinitesimal instance when the infilled walls try to resist the 
lateral loads but can't.  

I repeat, that the infilled walls can not be relied upon because of unknown 

To insure that the infilled walls will fail,  I suggest to create more weak 
points on the walls.

Alfonso S. Quilala Jr.