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Re: Visual Analysis vs. Risa-3D the Window version

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In a message dated 6/22/99 1:30:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time, yosi_h(--nospam--at) 

<< Hi,
 Anyone has tried "Visual Analysis" and " Risa-3D the Window version" to see
 which one RULES!?
 Joseph Harouni >>

It's too early to make a determination on Risa3D for windows, however,  I 
have seen the Beta and think that this will be a "killer" piece of software. 
It maintains some of the intuitive features of the DOS version which makes 
learning the menu structure very straight forward.
To be fair, I am also evaluating MultiFrame 4.0. This is another "great" 
piece of software (except for the hardware lock which I have a long time 
distaste for). Multiframe is also very intuitive and, I think, easy to learn.
STRAP comes in a close second (if you don't consider RISA3D) although STRAP 
comes with a more comprehensive library of steel, cold-form and wood. I have 
not given STRAP as much attention as I should because of the restrictions of 
the evaluation copy I have. My overall impression is that it is an extremely 
powerful FEM program with excellent technical support.

I guess I have been most impressed with MultiFrame because it was originally 
a MAC program. Not many of us think about valid MacIntosh software for 
engineering and this one suddenly appears on the PC platform with years of 
experience. The graphical interface is easy to learn and the help library is 

I'll have more information on STRAP and MultiFrame in our September issue of 
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For those who are not members of professional organizations (shame on you), 
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Unfortunately, I am behind on posting the second issue but have the first 
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Dennis Wish PE
Editor SEAINT Online