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Re: Enough ASD vs. LRFD

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At the risk of simply "voting", I agree with Stan.  I've
had enough.  I usually try to read <most> posts, but have
grown weary of this thread and don't read any more ASD vs
LRFD, with the exception of certain authors (see if you
can guess who).

Also at the risk of violating Stan's admonition re
starting new things under old headings, I suggest that
someone familiar with LFRD give us some real world
examples or "tutoring" so that those of us who are
interested in learning can do so.  This way, those that
know LFRD well can organize their thoughts, show their
stuff, and teach those of us who want to learn that it
really isn't so bad.  Then maybe some of us will actually
buy the code.  Those of you who are experts or who have
no interest can delete these messages.  How about it?

My $.02

Mark T. Swingle, SE
Oakland, CA