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RE: Enough ASD vs. LRFD

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I agree - the NFL gave the cup to dallas - make the playoffs a complete

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Subject: RE: Enough ASD vs. LRFD


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Subject: Enough ASD vs. LRFD

I have just returned to the office after a three day absence.  The extra day
off was spent welcoming the Dallas Stars back to Dallas and celebrating
their capture of Lord Stanley's Cup.  Celebrating the glory of ice hockey in
the late June heat of Texas is certainly a wonderful thing!  Now, back to

Hey, how about that "skate in the crease" rule? Even more controversial than
LRFD vs. ASD!!!

 ... Too many "alpha males" on this list consistently try to always "get in
the last word." 

Actually, it is (from my perspective) simply difficult to "stand by" while
innocuous statements are made.

Sorry, probably fanning the flames, but I'm giving my reasons why I continue
to jump in.