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In a message dated 6/23/99 8:26:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
JBaltar(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Sounds like a diaphragm deflection problem.  Dividing the diaphragm by 
 of a drag strut at midspan, or adding a short shear wall perpendicular to
 the deflected wall might help reduce further
 deflections........................J. Baltar >>

Not necessarily. If the end wall (normal to the edge of the diaprhagm) is 
consistently 1" out of plumb for the entire length AND the back wall (normal 
to the diaphragm) is plumb I would suspect a construction quality problem 
since the diaphragm does not appear to have moved.
The deflection curve of the diaphragm, as with a simple span beam, would 
depend upon where the placment of the other resisting walls occur. However, 
if the joists are continuous from front to back (the direction of 
displacment) then you would expect movement in the plate of the back wall as 
well since the two are tied together.

No, I suspect that the wall was erected out of plumb or the studs are warped.