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Thank you all for the replies.  I did not explain the problem well, let me 
try again.

SECOND FLOOR / Roof shingles are done:-
 - 30' long 3 walls (2 exterior and 1 interior, east-west) carrying ceiling 
beams & rafters
 - Ceiling beams nailed with minimum 4 16d nails at top of walls and rafters 
are nailed with connectors to wall top plates.
 - 8' high Wall tilted/bowed back 1" at the middle/top only, 30' walls are 
tied at the end to other gable end walls(south-north) and are 
 - The problem came from a weak brace at the middle when load from rafters 
transferred to the walls.
 - There will a wall(south-north) added between interior and exterior walls 
at the middle and I am planning to use steel plate/connectors to tie the top 
plate from this wall to the bowed back wall to hold it for the future.
 -  The wall is in the same position from last 4 weeks, since it was built.