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RE: Soil Stabilization

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I do appreciate your suggestion.  Unfortunately, this is an existing
machine.  The owner is looking for a fix to the problem with the least
amount of downtime.  Base isolation would require a significant time
period for modification.  If I were designing this as a new foundation,
your idea would seem to be very appropriate.

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Dear Jeffery,

Since your project is subjected to lateral vibration loads, BASE
could be the most effetive appraoch, to my knowledge. 
There is an impressive book published by John Wiley very recently,
"Design of Seismic Isolated Structures; from theory to practice", by Dr.
Naeem and Dr. Kelly. I strongly recommend this book to all practical
engineers. The accompanyed  CD-ROM is also wonderful, containing SAP2000
educational, a specific program for isolator design and plenty of data.

We have recently developed a new type of isolation device called
Pendulum Isolation (SPI) system, which can be used in your specific
project, specially if you want to isolate the machine partially. It
be a pleasure to me if I can be any assistance in this regard.
Note that very similar to this idea is utilized in design of a 30-story
double tower in Italy to protect a core building against a strong and
seismic load due to its occupancy importance. They claim a 30% save in
construction phase!

Good Luck,

At 09:21 ?ß'O 99/06/23 -0400, you wrote:
>Does anybody know of a good soils engineering company located in NW Ohio
>area that can give recommendations on soil stabilization.  I have a
>project that consists of a foundation that was constructed on a site
>that has a 30k dynamic cyclic lateral loading.  The foundation is for a
>grinding machine and has begun to teeter-totter.  I have suggested the
>soils stabilization.  Is there any other approaches that may be more
>effective or economic?
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