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RE: Enough ASD vs. LRFD

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Are there plans to take this tutorial on the road to other cities??

Peter  Paul  De Vere
JSC, Houston, Texas
Blsg. 13 room 2002

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		This isn't going to help you now, but....

		The 2000 North American Steel Construction Conference will
feature a
		10-hour tutorial on LRFD. The conference is scheduled for
February 23-26 in
		Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center. More
information on the
		conference will be available in August.

		Scott Melnick

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		> Subject: Re: Enough ASD vs. LRFD
		> Date: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 2:53 AM
		> At the risk of simply "voting", I agree with Stan.  I've
		> had enough.  I usually try to read <most> posts, but have
		> grown weary of this thread and don't read any more ASD vs
		> LRFD, with the exception of certain authors (see if you
		> can guess who).
		> Also at the risk of violating Stan's admonition re
		> starting new things under old headings, I suggest that
		> someone familiar with LFRD give us some real world
		> examples or "tutoring" so that those of us who are
		> interested in learning can do so.  This way, those that
		> know LFRD well can organize their thoughts, show their
		> stuff, and teach those of us who want to learn that it
		> really isn't so bad.  Then maybe some of us will actually
		> buy the code.  Those of you who are experts or who have
		> no interest can delete these messages.  How about it?
		> My $.02
		> Mark T. Swingle, SE
		> Oakland, CA
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