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Re: Soil Stabilization

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james korff pe pmp wrote:
> Check at Hayward Baker
> --- "Jeffery Seegert (x 485)" <jbseegert(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> > Does anybody know of a good soils engineering company located in NW
> > Ohio area that can give recommendations on soil stabilization.  I have a
> > project that consists of a foundation that was constructed on a site
> > that has a 30k dynamic cyclic lateral loading.  The foundation is for
> > a grinding machine and has begun to teeter-totter.  I have suggested
> > the soils stabilization.  Is there any other approaches that may be more
> > effective or economic?
To Soil Stabilization,

Could you share soil site conditions: are we talking about sand, clay, compressible
peat, or, heaven forbid, fill?

If its loose granular material like sand that's saturated, you are creating the
classic conditions for soil liquefaction.  Where is the water table?  Are you
near a river.  If there is a site soil log, please post it.

Try a knowledgeable engineering geologist, such as Allen Hatheway, at the Univ
of Missouri Rolla.

Next time read Mathew: "a wise man builds his cyclic 30k grinder on rock!"

"May the CYCLIC FORCE be with you!!"

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