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RE: Slender concrete columns

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Ubderstanding that your column only recives axial load,
 How grater than 22 is the slenderness of your column?, and, what is the
amount of compression stress in the section?
Depends on the amount of  the compressive stress the corresponding
importance in worriingabout slenderness. 
any way, I really don not think that a kl/r factor a little greater than 22
means a
slender column.
Talking about kl/r factor over 40, that´s slenderness

Rodrigo Delgado Zirpel

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> Asunto: Slender concrete columns
> Fecha: Miércoles 23 de Junio de 1999 2:50 PM
> Anyone out there know how to deal with a concrete column with axial load
> with a kl/r ratio larger than 22?
> Andrew Arnold
> Arnold Engineering