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Re: Bolts as Fuse Link

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While this is not my area of expertise, the following thoughts are offered:

What happens to the dolphin after the bolt shears?
Is the docking ferry then no longer functional?
How easily can the bolt(s) be placed?
Who will be available to determine the bolt has sheared and needs to be

David Finley, P.E.

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From: John W. Bryan <jaybryan(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Friday, June 25, 1999 1:14 PM
Subject: Bolts as Fuse Link

>I am designing a dolphin to take impacts from a docking ferry.  I would
>to connect the plum and batter piles with bolts which will act as a fuse
>link, and shear at a certain load.  My question:
>Does anybody out there have, or can you direct me to, a force/displacement
>diagrams for shearing bolts?  This would help because I am concerned with
>(a) the maximum force required, and (b) the energy absorbed.
>Jay Bryan